8 years & up

This class is to help focus on exam work as well as strengthen tumbling skills and all areas of acro. Classes will be broken into skill levels as opposed to age levels.

*** Must be enrolled in Performance Acrodance to be eligible for this Tumbling Class***

Class will be 45 minutes per week.

Class Attire:

Girls: Black Body Suit and Suntan Capri tights (mandatory), Booty Shorts may be worn over body suit however no tank tops or t-shirts are permitted.

Exam Attire: Black Body Suit and capri suntan tights will be required for exams.

Boys: Any solid colour muscle shirt or t-shirt (form fitting) and black shorts (compression shorts)  that don’t pass the knee

Exam Attire: Black  shorts and black  form fitting  shirt required for exams.


    All: Barefeet


Hair must be worn in a bun, or ponytail  to each class.

*** No earrings/jewelry can be worn to class.

Performance $10/month