5 years & up

This class will focus on combining acrobatic skills with dance steps. Classes will be broken into skill levels as opposed to age levels. All students will take Acrobatic Arts exams.

A portion of this fee is included in your monthly tuition.

** Students must also be enrolled in:

Beginner Combo (Ages 5-7) or Jazz (Ages 6 and up)

Class will be 1.5 hours a week.

No fake hair pieces are permitted for competitions.

Class Attire:

Girls: Any colour Body Suit and  Suntan Capris tights (mandatory), Booty Shorts may be worn over body suit however no tank tops or t-shirts are permitted.

Exams: Black Body Suit and capri suntan tights will be required for exams.

Boys: Any solid colour muscle shirt or t-shirt (form fitting) and black shorts (compression shorts)  that don’t pass the knee

Exams: Black  shorts and black  form fitting  shirt required for exams.


    All: Barefeet


Hair must be worn in a bun or ponytail to each class.

No earrings/jewelry can be worn to class