7 years & up

A class focused on technique at the barre, down the floor, and in the centre.  

Ballet is the foundation of all dance styles.   

*All Ballet students will also be scheduled to attend a ballet focused technique class once a week focusing specifically on skills. There will be no extra cost for this class.

Ballet class will be 45 - 60 minutes a week depending on age and level.

Ballet Focused Technique class will be 30 - 45 minutes a week. Technique may be scheduled on a different night than Ballet class.

** Strongly encouraged for all dancers **

Class Attire:

Girls: Solid Pink, Black, or Navy Body Suit and ballet pink tights. These must be worn to each class.

No booty shorts are permitted. Dancers may wear an elastic waist or wrap around ballet skirt. No dance pants or capris. No tank tops or t-shirts permitted in class.

Boys: White Muscle shirt or t-shirt (form fitting), Black shorts that don't pass the knee


Girls: Pink leather ballet slippers.

Boys: Black canvas shoes


Hair must be worn in a secure bun to each class.