6 years & up

Class instruction from basic to advanced Jazz steps and technique. Including barre work, travelling steps and centre floor work.  Dancers will work on flexibility, coordination and rhythm.  

*All Jazz students will also be scheduled to attend a ballet focused technique class once a week focusing specifically on skills. There will be no extra cost for this class.

Jazz class will be 45 - 60 minutes a week depending on age and level.

Ballet focused Technique class will be 30 - 45 minutes a week. Technique may be scheduled on a different night than Jazz class.

Class Attire: (straight jazz classes, not combo classes)  

Girls: Black, pink, or navy body suit and suntan, ballet pink, or black tights must be worn to each class. Booty shorts can be worn if desired.  

No tank tops, t-shirts, dance pants or capris. Hair must be worn in a bun or ponytail to each class.

Boys: White t-shirt (form fitting). Black shorts that don't pass the knee.


Girls: Beige slip on, split soles Jazz shoes.

Boys: Black, slip-on, split sole jazz shoes


    Must be worn in a bun or ponytail to each class.

Jazz Line

Each year we bring in a guest choreographer to teach our Jazz Line. This extra number is open to Jazz participants at the discretion of their teacher. This class will run on the weekends. A costume is required and competitions will be attended. Beige Jazz shoes will be required for this routine. Choreography costs and costume fees will be determined once all interest has been received.  Please check off on the registration form if this is something you would be interested in.